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Conference on Futurology: "How the World will Change in the Next 30 Years: World Experts Discuss the Global Trends that will Sweep our Futures" July 28, 2011, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia

With the emergence of the cyber age, new frontiers of interaction between nations are open. New issues, new actors, new challenges and opportunities are present. Today’s generation is facing a set of challenges and opportunities which are different from its predecessors and requires a comprehensive understanding of the probable scenarios of the world’s futures. In this regard, the Indonesian Embassy in Washington DC, together with the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and Modernisator, will be organizing a Conference on Futurology in Jakarta on July 28, 2011, with the theme: "How the World Will Change in the Next 30 Years: World Experts Discuss the Global Trends that will Sweep Our Futures".
The Conference is aimed at providing a venue for leading experts from the US and Indonesia to meet and discuss the prediction of global trends in the next three decades. It will allow the speakers and the participants to discuss issues, and explore solutions through frank, open, invigorating and inspiring discussions in a private off-the record setting. Specifically, the Conference is also aimed at providing a forum for intellectual engagements to project Indonesia’s future geopolitical and economic roles in the global environment. The speakers are expected to raise the possible scenarios which Indonesia needs to know, anticipate and be prepared to face.
This full-day Conference will be divided into 4 (four) sessions. In each session, 2 - 3 speakers from Indonesia and the US will form a panel and each speak for maximum 15 minutes on the following topics:
1.      "The Emerging Powers in the 21st Century"
2.      "The Future of Education, Innovation and Technology"
3.      "Geopolitics in the 21st Century"
4.      "Water, Food and Energy Security"
5.      "The Future of Emerging Markets: Who will be Champions and who will fall behind"
6.      "Indonesia as a Global Growth Generator".
It then followed by an in depth discussion amongst the speakers as well as an interactive discussion with the participants.
Government officials, military, prominent scholars, policy makers and experts, business community, media, university students and diplomatic corps are invited to speak and participate in a discussion on a wide-range of 21st Century trends and challenges from geopolitics to innovation, from education to food security, from emerging powers to energy.   500 to 1,000 participants are expected to come and join in the Conference by invitation only, free of charge. This Conference is a not-for-profit event.
 A.     American Speakers
  (Confirmed, as of May 31, 2011)
  1. Dr. George Friedman, CEO Stratfor, author of "The Next 100 Years"
  2. Prof. Thomas Fingar, former Chairman of National Intelligence Council
  3. Donald K. Emmerson, PhD., Director of Southeast Asia Forum, Stanford University
  4. Roger Beachy, Director of the National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA), United States Department of Agriculture
  5. Dr. Hamid Biglari, Vice President of Citi.

(in the process of confirmation, as of May 31, 2011)

  1. Dr. James Canton, CEO and Chairman of the Institute for Global Futures
  2. Professor Leon Fuerth, Research Professor of International Affairs The Elliott School of International Affairs, The George Washington University)
  3. Robert D. Kaplan, National Correspondent, Atlantic Media Company.? ?
 B.     Indonesian Speakers 
  1. Mr. Gita Wirjawan, Head the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board
  2. Dr. Dino Patti Djalal, Indonesian Ambassador to the United States
  3. Dr. Anies Baswedan, President of Paramadina University
  4. Dr. Muhammad Chatib Basri, Executive Director, Institute for Economic and Social Research, Indonesia and lecturer at Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (LPEM-FEUI)
  5. Chairul Tandjung, Chairman Para Group.


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