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In the last month alone, the Chairman of BKPM and his team have visited 21 provinces for intensive discussions with local governments and field visits.   These visits are primarily to establish two important objectives:

  1. Socialization and Coordination of One-Stop-Shop (PTSP) Policy:
    BKPM is committed to effective and efficient coordination of its One-Stop-Shop policy implementation. It has strengthened its organizational relationships by increasing the frequency of communications and visits between central and regional offices, making the success of PTSP a shared goal. The visits also aim to discuss in depth, the implementation of the one-stop-shop program at the local level.

  2. Collect Information for Regional Champions Program:
    To optimize the impact of investment into Indonesia, BKPM has developed a Regional Champions program to accelerate economic development by promoting regions where certain endowments and infrastructure are in place and can rapidly grow the value and increase social benefits of projects.  Such regional visits have allowed for project inspection and interaction with host communities affected most by investment.  It has also allowed for data collection and closer examination of how each region has garnered regional capacity and prepared itself for both domestic and foreign investments.

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