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What are Regional Champions ?



Regional Champions is an integral part of BKPM’s promotion program, specifically developed to further unlock the potential value of select regions in Indonesia.  BKPM understands that different regions are at different stages in their economic development and are at different levels of readiness in terms of each one’s capacity to attract and facilitate investments. Therefore, different approaches must be adapted.


 The first phase of the Regional Champions program targets 7 provinces that are advanced in their ability to attract both foreign and domestic investments.  We have prepared criteria comprising of quantitative and qualitative data and used a scoring system to determine which regions to select.  These criteria include regional economic growth, commitment to reform (particularly in the area of investment climate), as well as the availability and quality of ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ infrastructure. 

Under the program, BKPM will develop targeted, comprehensive joint promotion activities for these regions, with a goal to attract a larger pool of FDI.  The program will focus on bringing in strategic investments that would serve as catalysts for the region’s economic growth.  It is hoped that the success stories coming out from these regional champions could motivate and inspire other regions to replicate such successes.





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