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Welcome to BKPM, Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia


BKPM is the Investment Coordinating Board of the Republic of Indonesia. As the primary interface between business and government, BKPM is mandated to boost domestic and foreign direct investment through creating a conducive investment climate. Restored to Ministerial status in 2009, and reporting directly to the President of the Republic of Indonesia, this investment promotion agency's goal is not only to seek more domestic and foreign investment, but also seek quality investments that improve social inequality and reduce unemployment. The agency works as a proactive advocate for investments as well as a matchmaker for investors. Since November 2014,  BKPM is chaired by Franciscus M.A Sibarani or known as Franky Sibarani. 


"Creating a competitive investment climate to support the quality of national economy



  1. To increase and to ensure equal investment distribution
  2. To keep harmony and coordination in the field of investment
  3. To improve the quality of investment services



Our Strategic Roadmap


  • Phase One

    Our short-term focus is to harvest the low-hanging fruits of investment in Indonesia. This entails optimizing Indonesia's natural resources to act as a catalyst and bring the momentum needed to undertake programs for greater economic development.

  • Phase Two

    The channeling of investment towards infrastructure needs, both hard and soft. Hard infrastructure will include roads, airports, ports and power-generating capacity, while soft infrastructure will include health services and education.

  • Phase Three

    Laying the foundation for industrialization. This calls for continued investment in education for the creation of a highly skilled and educated work force. It also requires the elimination of uncertainty in policy, which the PTSP and NSWi initiatives are designed to address. Judicious provision of both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives also will be emphasized to aid in this effort.

  • Phase Four

    Support the formation of a knowledge-based economy with further development of a globally competitive educated work force. At this stage BKPM will continue to strengthen its policy advocacy and investor role for both foreign and domestic capital.


Our Historical Timeline


    • 1967

      Foreign Capital Investment Advisory Board was founded

    • 1968

      Government established a new agency called the Technical Committee on Investment

    • 1973

      Government established BKPM to replace the committee

    • 1985

      BKPM merges with Ministry Development for Domestic Product

    • 1987

      BKPM merges with Ministry of Mobilization for Capital Investment

    • 1992

      BKPM converted to State Ministry of Investment

    • 1997

      Government issues regulation for Negative List for Investment

    • 1998

      BKPM is brought under Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOE)

    • 2002

      BKPM separated from Ministry of SOE and was reinstalled as an independent agency

    • 2004

      Presidential Decree was issued to create National Single Window for investment

    • 2007

      The newest investment law no. 25 year 2007 was published and provided equal treatment for domestic and foreign investors.

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